The Evolution of Car Door Locks

For most of us, it’s our second nature to lock our car whenever we get out of it. A lot of drivers are not even conscious that they do so because it has become a routine already. It is a means to protect your car from being broken into and being stolen. However, there are also instances where some get locked out of their cars, or they lose their keys. It’s lucky that there is Houston auto locksmith available any time of the day and night to offer assistance when these things happen.

If you have noticed, the locks used in cars have changed over the years. They became complex and sophisticated. It is also safe to say that they are more secure and more manageable than the older ones. Isn’t it interesting to learn the history of locks and how they came about to how they are today? In this article, you can learn necessary information on the different types of auto locks and keys.

What Are the First Locks?

The first auto lock types are somewhat similar to home locks. The manufacturers of vehicles often base the locks on the trending kind of house lock during that time. However, the very first cars do not have them at all. The owners are often wealthy and have servants to watch over their automobiles. It was only decades after the introduction of cars that manufacturers started installing car door locks. In the 1970’s, during its debut, cylinder locks were used. The key for the ignition is also the same as the door key. It is to make sure that drivers can open the car and at the same time start it. However, as years passed, different keys were installed for ignition and doors. The reason for this is to try making the car secure from thieves.

What Are the Different Styles of Locks?

The first types of locks were mechanical but most locks these days are electronic. There are two types of bolts used in the past by early manufacturers.

Pin Tumbler

This lock contains metal pins located inside a cylinder. You can only open it with a key having the proper height of cuts as they are the only ones which can raise the pins.

Wafer Tumbler

This lock is similar to the pin tumbler. The difference is it uses flat one-piece wafers having different sizes instead of metal pins. The wafers are pushed by the key into their proper place to open the lock.

What are the Different Types of Keys?

One of the best things about vintage keys is that security is simple. There are no complexities at all. The key was cut mechanically or through laser so they can only fit a specific lock. These days, remote keys are very popular. They are also easy to use since you need to press the control buttons to make it work. It also offers different functions to make cars secure. The latest advancement in keys is the smart keys. When the device is close to the car, it automatically unlocks it, and it can start the engine too.


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